Let me be your comet
I will fly
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Neon. Peach. Narnar


Some really old stuff that I made and then re-made adding some important The Killers’ lyrics. I miss create new scenarios that you are not going to find ever.


…and that’s how the story began.
I just needed it on my dash. 

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The Killers - Joyride
Fangirl Life
  • Friend:Why do you have the same song 10 times on your iPod?
  • Me:You don't understand there's the original version, new version, acoustic version, and 7 live performances.


Don’t tell me what to do unless we’re in bed together

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The Killers cover albums front & back

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'It’s not really lipstick; it’s more of a gloss'
-Brandiva sassing the interviewer, Hot Fuss era (via emilyyourastar)